The Paradise series : The CLASS


A class that guides the unfolding of a series of extraordinary physical states.

Hanako – Hoshimi Caines and I propose a series of  extraordinary physical states. We create an environment of few spoken words in order to access the space/sense that happens when you are allowed to be without language articulating your experience. Projected indications guide the unfolding of activities in a few simple sentences. They get us sweating, dancing, jumping and stretching for long enough that we enter into that space without worrying or needing to be good in a particular way. The repetition and duration of movements provokes the feeling of synchronicity between the inside and outside and avoids the need to produce an individual creativity. We access fun, adrenaline, concentration, absurdity, pacing, height and transcendence, we practice synchronicity and non synchronicity, repetition, accumulation, listening to feel good music, making space for extraordinary states and sinking in the extraordinary of the ordinary.