Hold a needle and a thread, ask strangers to pass the thread through the needle.
This action is to be performed in places of transition: trains, bridges, boats, waiting rooms, crossroads, airports, foreign countries etc.


Gold Meat

I am searching to reveal the characteristics, mechanisms, specificities of the self, to distil it and negate it, to understand what it is. I am playing a game with my perceptions, bodily sensations, emotional states, memories, acts and thoughts in order to measure how much my self is conditioned by them, to see what else can exist out of what I know as me. It is a ping-pong game with the self : sending it away , receiving it back: feeling the liberation and the excitement of flying towards another body/mind reality, experiencing the alienation of loosing what is most natural and accessible, of what is my essence, catching it back and discovering that it is where it is not.

DasArts Feedback Session This work is a ping-pong game with the concept of the self.

gold meat

gold meat2

DasArts Feedback Session

photo by Thomas LendenIMG_2427