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Get closer to yourself at this path for self reflections: MAKE A SELFIE!

Landscapes change, people change, minds change but You are always going to be You.

A performative installation at The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology.

with Sameena Sitabkhan


photographs by Sameena Sitabkhan

Measuring distance / a choreography about view points and points of contact

(with the help of Miguel Melgares, Kelly Keenan, Nikolaos Chandolias)

This piece is not funny. It is about absence and grief, about disconnection, relativity, about negative space, risk and inertia.

This is a piece about shifts of view points, points of contact, and points of reference, about allocentric and egocentric forces, about momentum and about the explosion of inertia.

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Concept and performance: Maria Kefirova and Hanako-Hoshimi Caines //Light design: Paul Chambers

The Paradise is a dance duet that works between the two dimensional ready-made notion of Paradise as pink flamingos, beach side motels, rainbow colored harmony and the task of accessing extraordinary states, which are often far from comfortable and perfect looking. Through a series of unassuming and simple assignments, we are setting up conditions for the emergence of complexity and the production of multiplicity. Today paradise is a movement of synchronicity, a way of looking at and relating to. It is everything that I look upon with care and I spend time with. Paradise is also a movement that does not skip any part of its trajectory: a very alive and effortless state of simultaneously holding on and letting go. Paradise is not getting fixed in meaning, sensation, idea or image but constantly moving through their different nuances. The Paradise does not solicit audience participation but is a system of offering and receiving and the questions that arise from this.19 novembre 201517-The Paradise Maria Kefirova Hanako Hoshimi-CanesF-Chais17719 novembre 201517-The Paradise Maria Kefirova Hanako Hoshimi-CanesF-Chais27with mic

photo by Frederic Chais


photo by Orlin Ognianov


The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a 60 min solo dance-theater performance for a dancer, voice recorder, 4 audio speakers and 25 kg of walnuts

The walnuts are used as a material that has a clear definition between inside and outside. The sound is used as a material with no inside or outside. The body is a surface between the inside and the outside. During the piece a human figure, sound and walnuts will perform a series of dislocations and relocations, folding into each other in a process where sound becomes a body and a performer of its own.

The Nutschraker

Maria Kefirova_Nutcracker_Svetla Atanasova-1Maria Kefirova_Nutcracker_Svetla Atanasova-111

The Nutschraker

photo by Frederic Chais


Hold a needle and a thread, ask strangers to pass the thread through the needle.
This action is to be performed in places of transition: trains, bridges, boats, waiting rooms, crossroads, airports, foreign countries etc.


Gold Meat

I am searching to reveal the characteristics, mechanisms, specificities of the self, to distil it and negate it, to understand what it is. I am playing a game with my perceptions, bodily sensations, emotional states, memories, acts and thoughts in order to measure how much my self is conditioned by them, to see what else can exist out of what I know as me. It is a ping-pong game with the self : sending it away , receiving it back: feeling the liberation and the excitement of flying towards another body/mind reality, experiencing the alienation of loosing what is most natural and accessible, of what is my essence, catching it back and discovering that it is where it is not.

DasArts Feedback Session This work is a ping-pong game with the concept of the self.

gold meat

gold meat2

DasArts Feedback Session

photo by Thomas LendenIMG_2427