Concept and performance: Maria Kefirova and Hanako-Hoshimi Caines //Light design: Paul Chambers

The Paradise is a dance duet that works between the two dimensional ready-made notion of Paradise as pink flamingos, beach side motels, rainbow colored harmony and the task of accessing extraordinary states, which are often far from comfortable and perfect looking. Through a series of unassuming and simple assignments, we are setting up conditions for the emergence of complexity and the production of multiplicity. Today paradise is a movement of synchronicity, a way of looking at and relating to. It is everything that I look upon with care and I spend time with. Paradise is also a movement that does not skip any part of its trajectory: a very alive and effortless state of simultaneously holding on and letting go. Paradise is not getting fixed in meaning, sensation, idea or image but constantly moving through their different nuances. The Paradise does not solicit audience participation but is a system of offering and receiving and the questions that arise from this.19 novembre 201517-The Paradise Maria Kefirova Hanako Hoshimi-CanesF-Chais17719 novembre 201517-The Paradise Maria Kefirova Hanako Hoshimi-CanesF-Chais27with mic

photo by Frederic Chais


photo by Orlin Ognianov