The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a 60 min solo dance-theater performance for a dancer, voice recorder, 4 audio speakers and 25 kg of walnuts

The walnuts are used as a material that has a clear definition between inside and outside. The sound is used as a material with no inside or outside. The body is a surface between the inside and the outside. During the piece a human figure, sound and walnuts will perform a series of dislocations and relocations, folding into each other in a process where sound becomes a body and a performer of its own.

The Nutschraker

Maria Kefirova_Nutcracker_Svetla Atanasova-1Maria Kefirova_Nutcracker_Svetla Atanasova-111

The Nutschraker

photo by Frederic Chais