Bulgarian born Maria Kefirova is a dancer and choreographer based since 1992 in Montreal. Parallel to her work as a performer, she has been developing her own artistic practice combining dance, theatre, performance and video. The main focus in her work is the correlation between internal and external realities, as well as the body’s role as an interface between the two, which is at the heart of many of her works (The Nutcracker – 2014, Corps. Relations – 2010, Gold Meat – 2010, Manufacturing Tears – 2009). Through choreography she builds physical spaces for movement of attention, thought and energy (No Distance – 2016, The Paradise -2015 and Why are dogs successful on stage? – 2012). From 2009 to 2012, Maria was a participant at DasArts, a residential laboratory for performing arts, research and innovation located in Amsterdam. Maria regularly teaches workshops and expands her own choreographic practice through collaborations with other artist (Miguel Melgarez, Jean -Francois Laporte, Hanako Hoshimi- Caines, Florence Figols, k.g.Guttman, Paul Chambers and Sameena Sitbakhan).

No Distance-381

photo by Svetla Atanasova

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